Boost textiles & enhance well being

In our daily lives, we are confronted with energy loss, sleep deprivation, ageing, allergens, pollution, UV “damage”,… you name it. What if you could reduce these health threats to a minimum just by using the right textile or wearing the right fabric? Devan has found a way to boost the textiles we wear, live in and sleep on, so they can help to reduce negative impact from “outside” and enhance our well being.

The patented encapsulation technology enables Devan to create the right blend for the required purpose. Environmentally safe and skin-friendly.


Because we care

Purotex, Skin Plus, Escential, Ubiquinol coQ10, the Devan-menu offers a range of focussed technologies, with which your textiles can be boosted and wellbeing is enhanced. Sustainable and safe, driven by nature.


Because we love sciences

Devan collaborates with universities and research centres around the globe. Involved from the early stages of discovery through to the complete development process, Devan scientists can be ahead of the future and can offer you ground breaking solutions.


from in-lab development to industrial application

Our technical staff and agents help install the Devan technologies in mills all over the world and provide the necessary logistics and training. As soon as production is up and running our in-house labs make sure the product quality meets all required specifications.

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