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Sustainability is in our DNA. Since 1977 we have made continued efforts to CREATE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS.

  • Wide eco range based on bio-sourced and biodegradable technologies 
  • Sustainable development is a priority for our R&D teams
  • Eco-conscious headquarters with solar panels on the roof
  • Use of rain water in our production plant
  • Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
  • Sustainable HR: healthy work-life balance, Sports@Devan, cycling for charity, …


Bringing textiles to life since 1977

Since 1977 Devan has been providing high-tech finishing chemicals to the worldwide textile markets. Focusing strongly on unique and innovative solutions, research & development is at the heart of the company. That’s because rather than being the biggest, we want to be the best.

Our ever-evolving range of technologies and functionalities is quite extensive, but there’s one thing that all technologies have in common: helping you differentiate from competitors.

To top it off, we offer a unique and cross-border support package, making sure our technologies perform as we promised you.

You can
us in


Learn how to perfect the sleep experience and create the ideal comfort zone by enhancing the functionality and performance of bedding textiles.


Discover how we can improve upholstery and other indoor textiles to make them not only safer, but also fit for daily use.


Sportsmen like to push boundaries of what is possible, and so do we. That’s why our technologies have what it takes to bring sportswear, apparel and clothing in general to a higher level.


Just as the transport & mobility sector, Devan is always on the move. Learn how else we can improve your textiles, besides making them conform to current and future fire safety regulations.

We deliver solutions for


Enhancing the performance of your textiles


Welcome to your comfort zone


Protecting people from fire hazards

Health & Wellness

Providing health & wellness through textiles

We are experts in

Devan’s history in novel polymer development and special finishes goes back almost 70 years and we continue to develop further exciting new applications.
Micro encapsulation
Microcapsules are a great way of delivering functionality to textiles, whether that is cooling of bedding through PCM, enhancing a fabric with a special fragrance or providing health and wellness benefits directly to the skin.
Functional Masterbatch technologies
A masterbatch is a concentrated functional additive that is added during the extrusion and spinning stage of making synthetic fibres and puts the functionality right inside the fibre.
FR treatments
Devan has been at the forefront of the development of novel flame retardant treatments for textiles – from halogen- and metal-free topical treatments to flame retardant masterbatch.


Looking for a specific technology or solution? Check out this overview that shows our ever-evolving product range.