In an era where health and well-being are paramount, the role of protective textiles in maintaining hygiene and mitigating the spread of viruses cannot be overstated. These innovative textiles act as a formidable barrier, offering a dual benefit of safeguarding both individuals and public health.


Peace of mind
External test results have demonstrated that our BI-OME® technology can reduce the activity of enveloped viruses within 2 hours with more than 99%. This could give you and your customers that extra peace of mind. It can also help in a better operational efficiency as textile items will be able to be used much more as in pre-corona times.

Preventing bacterial infections
BI-OME® has a very long history in performing well towards micro-organisms. Brands and retailers worldwide are witnessing the performance of our technology and the comprehensive support package we offer.

Employee well-being and productivity
Incorporating antimicrobial technology into workwear ensures a hygienic barrier against microorganisms. In high-contact professions, where individuals interact with surfaces and equipment, the risk of bacterial or viral transmission is elevated. Textiles treated with an antimicrobial finish, actively inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses on fabric surfaces, thereby minimizing the potential for contamination and the spread of infections among workers.

Beyond health considerations, the use of antimicrobial technology in workwear also addresses odor control. In many professional settings, prolonged wear can lead to the accumulation of sweat and bacteria, resulting in unpleasant odors. Antimicrobial textiles help mitigate this issue by preventing the growth of odor-causing microbes, fostering a more comfortable and pleasant work environment for both the wearer and their colleagues.

Moreover, the incorporation of antimicrobial technology aligns with the broader commitment to workplace safety. By reducing the risk of microbial contamination on workwear, companies actively contribute to creating a healthier and safer work atmosphere.

Enabling low temperature washes
With our BI-OME® technology, washing at lower temperatures is now possible instead of using higher temperatures, thereby minimizing the environmental impact. BI-OME® has demonstrated effective wash results, including a reduction in viral activity.

Being kind to mother nature
BI-OME® uses no-silver and no-metal, thereby safeguarding the planet, our employees and consumers. At Devan, we abstain from using silver-based antimicrobials, recognizing their potential harm to the environment.

Our technology is Oekotex Class 1 certified and EPA/BPR (EU – TR) registered.

What options
does Devan offer?


Non-migrating antimicrobial technology

  • Protect your textile from micro-organisms and reduces malodours
  • Reduces bacterial build-up
  • Reduces the need to wash at high temperatures
  • Free of heavy metals, silver, …
  • Inherent biodegradable (OECD 209/302B)
  • BPR, TR and EPA registered
  • Testing has proven that the BI-OME technology still provides 99% reduction of organisms after more than 50 launderings at 40° C. Published papers also show similar results with a variety of fabrics and goods. In other words, the antimicrobial is effective for the lifetime of the treated article.

Non-migrating antimicrobial technology + additional viral reducing technology

  • Protect your textile from micro-organisms and reduces malodours 
  • Reduces possible bacterial build-up
  • Reduces the need to wash at high temperatures
  • Reduces the viral activity of Enveloped viruses (up to 99.5%) – activity proven by external lab testing
  • Decreases the time to reach  the half life point (where only 50% of viruses is still active) 
  • Specific regulatory constraints may apply depending upon your region.

Biobased antimicrobial technology – based on linseed oil

  • Guarantees an optimal freshness and hygiene for all kinds of textiles
  • The active ingredient is linseed oil, which is derived from the seeds of the flax plant.
  • 95% biobased
  • Has an effect on house dust mites (confirmed by external lab)
  • Only usable in specific countries/regions


Any user of the product is responsible to determine if the product is suitable for the specific application and commercialisation of the treated article in the different regions. The Product BI-OME AM5 is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a pesticide for prevention of microbial damage to treated substrates and articles only. You are not permitted to make or suggest any public health claims when using this product, including for any textile articles treated with BI-OME AM5. BI-OME technology is registered under the EU Biocide Product Regulation for uses under Product Types 2, 7 and 9. The labelling of the treated textile with a biocide should be done according to BPR- and regional rules. Please consult the local/regional biocide legislation for more information Medical devices are specifically regulated and this can differ by territory: medical device claims are based on efficacy testing done by a certified laboratory. The relevant Competent Authority and/or any Notified Bodies need to approve the claims in the territory. Devan Chemicals is not able to perform any antiviral testing. All tests must be carried out by a certified laboratory at the customer’s expense – it is recommended to use the test protocol ISO18184.