Bi-ome® NTL
sustainable Odour control technology

BI-OME® NTL is a new, bio-based, non-harmful odour control technology which guarantees an optimal freshness and hygiene for all kinds of textiles. The active ingredient is linseed oil, which is derived from the seeds of the flax plant.


A drive towards the use of more sustainable products has led to the introduction of alternative solutions to address this discomfort. Many plants and flowers produce antimicrobial chemicals as a defence mechanism towards threats like bacteria, fungi and moulds. More and more plant-based antimicrobials are used in food and cosmetics as a preservative. These plant-based, biocidal ingredients gave us inspiration to develop a new range of Odour Control Technology products.


  • Vegetal origin active ingredient
  • 95 % biobased
  • Active against microorganisms
  • Prevents odour formation
  • Wash durable
  • Sustainable – Recyclable
  • GMO free – Halal – Kosher active ingredient
  • EU registered active ingredient – TK BPR registered
  • Registered in Türkiye
  • Has an effect on house dust mites (confirmed by external lab)