Passerelle NTL
bio-based Softener & Moisture management

Today there is a drive towards more sustainable and circular textiles from both consumers and governments. Worldwide, there is a focus towards CO2-reduction and we also see an increase of re-use and recycled textiles.

Devan has developed two new products in the Passerelle range, based on renewable raw materials, that could assist to achieve some of the brand/retailer’s sustainability goals. Passerelle Soft NTL will induce a silky soft feel and Passerelle Quickdry NTL will help in moisture management.


Passerelle Soft NTL is a durable softness technology based on vegetable ingredients. The technology is wash
durable and could be used with natural fibres like hemp, cotton, … but is also fit for synthetic fibres like rPES,

Passerelle Quickdry NTL is a moisture management technology based on plant materials. The bio-based
finish enables high wicking and evaporation capability and helps to evaporate water/sweat easier and faster.



  • Bio-based solution
  • Silky soft feel
  • Advanced moisture management

  • Compatible with other functional finishes in our
    product range
  • Durability to washing