Enhanced hygiene

Infections (viral & bacterial) can spread via aerosols, cross contamination of surfaces, human contact, … and also, via textiles.

BI-OME AV is an advanced antimicrobial solution that enhances the hygiene of fabrics, textiles and non-wovens by reducing the growth of bacteria and the viral activity of enveloped viruses.

BI-OME AV is suitable for personal protection equipment, facemasks, professional work wear, bedding textiles, textiles used in aviation, public transport, …


1. Microorganisms are attracted by the fabric coating.

2. Once in contact with the coating, their cell membrane is punctured.

3. This deactivates the microorganism, preventing growth and proliferation.


  • BPR – EU and TK registered – EPA registered product*
  • Applicable on different fabric types (cotton, PES, blends,….)
  • Permanent & wash-durable
  • No skin irritation
  • Inherent biodegradable – Recyclable