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Looks like you are interested in learning something more about microbes and antimicrobial technology. That’s wonderful! Let us take you on a quick tour around the marvellous world of microorganisms. It will only take five minutes of your precious time. Hop on!

What are microbes and are they harmful?

Microbes, or microorganisms, are single-celled organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and include bacteria, algae and fungi and yeasts.

Microbes are found literally everywhere; in the air we breathe, the soil beneath our feet and on practically any surface around us. But that’s fine, since most of these microbes are not harmful at all .

However, some microbes can present a risk to people’s health and may even cause allergic reactions.

When the conditions are right, in other words, when there’s enough food (dirt, fibre, sweat), warmth and moisture, these microbes can multiply.

These conditions are all around us, in our homes and in our active lifestyles and thus microbial growth is all around us.

And of course, these tiny organisms can bring some unpleasant consequences.

Objectionable odour, unsightly stains and allergic responses are just a few of the drawbacks related to microbial growth.

The solution? BI-OME®

BI-OME® is a revolutionary technology which guarantees an optimal freshness and hygiene for textiles. The antimicrobial technology works in three steps:

The microorganisms are attracted by the coating of the fabric

Once the microbes get in touch with the coating, their cell membrane is punctured as if by a sword.

The piercing mechanism deactivates the microorganism, preventing growth and proliferation.

This way, BI-OME® successfully clears all kinds of textiles of microorganisms, from socks & underwear to mattresses & pillows and even carpets & curtains. Since no toxic or dangerous substances are used, both people and the environment remain unaffected. And while traditional antimicrobials gradually lose their effectiveness over time, BI-OME® remains active throughout the life cycle of the treated products.

ADVANTAGES in a nutshell

  • Long-lasting freshness, activity unaffected by multiple washing
  • Eliminates all types of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, fungi and yeasts)
  • Eliminates the smells created by yeast, fungus and bacteria
  • Controls or eliminates microbial staining of the treated article
  • Eliminates the fungi on which dust mites feed, thus providing an anti-allergenic effect.
  • Non-migrating and not harmful to the skin or the environment in use.

5 scientific factson bacteria & laundry

  • Bacteria – from food, body soils and other sources – can easily get into fabrics.
  • These bacteria can transfer from fabric to fabric during the wash cycle (IFH study, 2009).
  • Harmful bacteria can potentially survive the wash cycle.
  • Very often staining problems occur on wet and soiled fabrics, before laundering.
  • Even after laundering, textiles may still contain microbes.


Testing has proven that the BI-OME technology still provides 99% reduction of organisms after more than 50 launderings at 40° C. Published papers also show similar results with a variety of fabrics and goods. In other words, the antimicrobial is effective for the lifetime of the treated article.”

Most other antimicrobials kill by way of poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process. They are designed to move from the surface very quick. And although they do their job in killing bacteria and fungi, other antimicrobials have a limited range of effectiveness. BI-OME takes a different approach. It provides an effective kill when applied, but, it also provides lifelong control of growth on treated surfaces.”

Non-migrating means that the antimicrobial treatment does not leach out to the skin or environment, nor is it transferred to other fabrics, for example during laundering. In other words, it stays only on the treated article.”