Better Hygiene

For each layer of textiles we wear, for each pillow-cover we sleep on, for each towel we wipe our face with, we have the same requirement: HYGIENE. Nobody likes the idea of microbes populating their textiles, attracted by moisture and dirt, causing health-discomfort and bad odours.

At Devan, we found a way of chasing bad odours and disarming unhygienic surfaces. Environmentally safe and skin-friendly. And making sure your textiles stay soft!


Because we care

The Biome range, Odour Breakdown, Insecta. Paserelle SQD +: the Devan-menu offers a range of focussed technologies that make your textiles perform better. Sustainable and safe, driven by nature. Our products are BPR covered, EPA registered and Oekotex certified.


Because we love sciences

Devan collaborates with universities and research centres around the globe. Involved from the early stages of discovery through to the complete development process, Devan scientists can be ahead of the future and can offer you ground breaking solutions.


from in-lab development to industrial application

Our technical staff and agents help install the Devan technologies in mills all over the world and provide the necessary logistics and training. As soon as production is up and running our in-house labs make sure the product quality meets all required specifications.

Our brands