Chemical Today – A passage to India

Chemical Today – A passage to India

How textile technology innovator Devan Chemicals can be of great (added) value to the Indian textile business.

India, the country of colours, contradictions, spirituality, and of course, textiles. Textile is such an important part of Indian culture that there’s a spinning wheel embedded in their national flag. Knowing that, it doesn’t come as a surprise that India is a huge potential market for any business involved in textiles. But the opposite is equally true: some companies can be of great value to the Indian textile markets.

One of those companies is Devan Chemicals, an R&D driven manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the worldwide textile markets. Devan has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability and is specialized in flame retardants, antimicrobial solutions, functional masterbatch additives, micro-encapsulation and much more.

The sky is not the limit

India is the third largest and fastest growing domestic aviation market in the world. And for obvious reasons, airline textiles are obliged to meet very strict flame retardancy (FR) regulations. Besides the FAR norm (burning behaviour), some airlines also choose to upgrade their FR performance in compliance with ABD norms (Airbus and Boeing) for smoke density and toxicity.

Devan has a long history of developing FR solutions for different market segments and understands the headaches the industry faces. The company offers solutions that are halogen, antimony and heavy-metal free but still allow textile producers to comply with the latest regulations. Furthermore, Devan also offers functional masterbatch additives, named @2Spin®, that lock the flame retardancy inside the yarn, so less or none of a topical chemical treatment is needed.

Devan has also been talking to many suppliers of the textiles used for aircraft interiors and has learned about the challenges of keeping cabins fresh and clean for a long period of time. Unwanted odours and stains from food or drink spills are just a few of the concerns of both the passengers and airline personnel. The company’s antimicrobial solution or odour breakdown technology could provide an answer to these concerns. They even offer a probiotic-based allergen control solution for your seats and carpets, a technology that was created ten years ago for the bedding market to prevent household allergies.

Holy colours

Thinking of India, beautiful vibrant coloured clothing immediately pops into mind. Passerelle SQD+®, a Devan moisture management technology, not only improves the handle of textiles with a silky soft feel, but also keeps the colour vibrancy for a longer period of time intact, wash after wash. This improves the perceived quality of the fabric and makes clothes retain their new look for longer. Due to the improved durability, clothes can be kept longer, which also has an environmental advantage.

India has a very young population, with half of its inhabitants being under the age of 25. The country operates the second largest education system in the world, after China. The vast majority of schools, both public and private alike, have a mandatory school uniform policy in the grades 1 to 12. It might not come as a surprise that these uniforms have to endure a lot. With Stainrelease®, another Devan finishing technology, different types of stains (ketchup, grass, mud) can be washed away more easily than ever. This product is currently being used in India to treat British school uniforms.

Extrusion & spinning, fibres & yarns

India is one of the largest producers of man-made fibres in the world, and also exports them worldwide. Man-made fibre textiles not only include carpet yarn, but also yarn for sportswear, apparel and home textiles. Devan notices more and more interest in functionalities locked inside the yarn through masterbatch additives. The company is exploring the possibilities in this field and offers up to this day functionalities like softness, flame retardancy and antimicrobial properties. Some of these additives are currently in test in different companies in India.