Cool comfort technology

Tones of Cool is a cooling technology which stimulates the textile to dissipate
redundant heat from the body and to instantly reduce the body temperature. Besides providing an instant cool sensation, the technology creates a long-lasting thermal balance to keep the body in its comfort zone.


Tones of Cool instantly reduces the body temperature, because the high thermal effusivity quickly draws heat away from the skin on initial contact and instant cooling sensation is perceived. The smart heat exchange is realized by microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs), which keep the body’s heat production and heat loss in balance and thus provides a sensation of thermal comfort.


  • Instant cool sensation: superfluous heat leaves the body easily and quickly, causing the deep sleep phase to come faster.
  • Smart heat exchange: fewer awakenings. The body suffers less from night sweats, resulting in a longer lasting, healthier and more comfortable sleep.
  • Handle is not affected because the fibres keep their original space to move and slide against one another.
  • Softness is guaranteed due to very small microcapsules which penetrate very deeply inside the textile structure leaving the surface almost as in original state.
  • Breathability is maintained, because air and water vapour can continue to run through the fibre mesh.
  • Wash-durable
  • Patented technology

Tones Of Cool