insecta™ is a range of products that are aimed for use in the protection of textile from insects.
insecta™ Insect Control Technology products are available for a wide range of applications on various substrates and can be used to obtain protection against different insects:
  •  Bed bugs
  •  Moths
  •  Mosquitoes
  •  Carpet Beetles
  •  Ticks
The insecta reactive range of products are environmentally friendly micro-encapsulated insect repellent actives. The active ingredients are encapsulated in a reactive microcapsule, which on breaking, repel mosquitoes and bed bugs. The reactive capsules system enables high wash performance to be achieved without the requirement to use any binders. The products are available in both fragranced (insecta reactive CPL) and non fragranced (insecta reactive range SDN) versions.
The insecta EC range is a range of products which are permethrin based. Permethrin is a synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide with a high activity against moths and biting insects including mosquitoes and bed bugs. It operates by contact or ingestion and it is effective against all stages of insect growth, particularly larvae.
The insecta SB range of products are permethrin based insecticide technologies in a solvent base for
use in coatings and solvent based applications.


Bedding, Workwear, Sportswear, Outdoor Equipment, Shirts, 


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