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  • Labs filled
    with scientists

    Research and development is at the heart of the Company. Multi-disciplinary teams of scientists with many years of experience work daily to find novel solutions to bring new functional finishes for all types of textiles.

  • Flame retardant lab
    • Development and optimisation of new flame retardants
    • Flammability tests (ISO, DIN, NF, BS)
    Functional polymer lab
    • Polymer functionalisation
    • Application and testing

  • Microbiology lab
    • Antimicrobial testing (ASTM – AATCC)
    • Textile applications
    Micro encapsulation lab
    • Synthesis, optimisation
    • Analysis (SEM, DSC)

  • Analytical lab
    • Fibre analysis
    • Production quality control
    Masterbatch extrusion pilot line
    • Extrusion of man made fibres
    • Simulation of industrial processing

  • 15/04/2016
    We have moved to our new offices in Ronse!