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    There is a
    behind our
    green tree!

    Concern for sustainabilty drives business development and is reflected in our product range.

    • Sustainability built-in at product inception, not “end-of-pipe” fixes
    • Solutions developed for real-world applications, not the niche ecology market
    • Working with leading research partners and customers to develop new concepts
    • Practical, cost-effective alternatives
  • Pragmatic 3 step model developed by Devan


    Integrate sustainability in
    every company decision


    Create products that have
    minimal impact on the environment


    Create new concepts/products
    that make the final textile
    products more sustainable

    Since 1990, ecology has been the DNA of devan

    • 1995: Halogen-free flame retardants (Eco-flam™)
    • 1999: Non migrating antimicrobial
    • 2001: Masterbatch for inherent performance
    • 2002: Non-chlorine woolshrink-resist (Dylan™)
    • 2005: Environmentally more acceptable insect resist (insecta™)
    • 2008: Reactive capsules (no need of binders) (Thermic™)
    • 2010: Introduced probiotic in textiles (Probiotex™)
    • 2013: Fluorine free water repellent finish
    • ... More to come

  • 15/04/2016
    We have moved to our new offices in Ronse!